A few good reasons to have your own veggie patch:

  • Fresh. It can’t be fresher than this . . . . Throw in some fresh air and exercise as well – it cant get better than this.
  • Fun. The joy of planting your own veg and reaping the rewards .
  • Taste. By varying i.e. carrot seeds you can have a wide selection of veg to choose from.
  • Decorative. Gone are the days of a veggie garden hidden away somewhere – be creative and incorporate veg and herbs into your normal garden. You will be surprised at the results . . .
  • Waste not Want not. Pick what you need and share the surplus with your neighbours and friends . . .  (I get quite a kick out of showing off my baby marrows or whatever is available)
  • Think green. The advantages of a bio friendly garden and chemical free foods are well known.
  • Crop rotation. Buzz word for planning your veggie garden in such a way that you prolong the availability of different kinds of veg by for exampel sowing seeds every few weeks, etc.
  • Nutrition. It helps you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Health: You decide what kinds of fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with your food.
  • In charge: It lets you control when to harvest your food.
  • etc – (If you can come up with a few more good reasons for one’s own veggie patch lets have them.) We also look forwad to your comments . .  .

Speak to Yvette if you would like assistance with your herb and/or veggie garden. yvette@farmerjohn.co.za or phone us. We look forward to hearing from you