Farmer John chicken tractor examples

These are some of the ‘chicken tractor’ examples that we used at various projects.

Chicken tractors next to a swale in an Urban Jozi food garden. This was and exciting project in the heart of industrial Jhb.
Keyhole garden – once the chicken tractor moved on to its next location we planted these mandala style garden beds.

Urban food farm in Industrial Johannesburg. Keyhole (Mandala) gardens created by using chicken tractors. The floor of each chicken tractor is layered with raw organic material such as manure or vegetable off cuts. Chickens do what they do – eat, scratch and poo and in no time prepared the round shaped garden beds ready for planting. The chicken tractor is then moved on to the next area where the process is repeated.








Staff at Newton House School constructing the school Chicken Tractor to be used in their nursery and food garden.