Nurseryman Internship opportunities at ‘The Well’ in Hermitage, Swellendam

Experiential training –  learning hands-on.

Our Nurseryman internship is aimed at equipping those individuals that have a keen interest in plants and in practical environmentally conscious horticulture. This experiential training program is suitable for people who wish to make horticulture and organic food growing their career. Interns will be involved in research, develop and maintenance of our nursery, herb and edible plant farm. You will also learn about permaculture and urban greening techniques whilst part of a team whose mission is reconnecting people to planet earth.

Course designer

Yvette Mulder

Yvette Mulder (BSc Botany and Zoology) is an enthusiast of indigenous wild foods and herbs, and is self trained in herbalism and Ethno-botany. She is a nursery woman, garden consultant and involved in the development of urban food farms, small subsistence farms and experienced in various food garden initiatives in the greater Gauteng region.


Topics ( course outline): 

  1. Planting mediums and fertilizers
  2. Soil:
    The nature of soil.
    Soil in the nursery: germination mix, potting mix and seedling mix.
    Organic vs. inorganic fertilisers.
    Other growth enhancers
  3. E.M. (Effective Micro Organisms)
  4. Compost making
  5. What plants need to grow
  6. Biology and life cycle overview, photosynthesis, respiration, general physiology
  7. Intervention like heated beds, greenhouses, UV lights etc. Pros and cons
  8. Propagation of plants
  9. Sowing, Division, Cuttings, Layering and Grafting
  10. Types of plants in the nursery
  11. Form and nature: Trees, Shrubs, groundcovers, succulents, annuals, perennials, grasses
  12. Function: Food, Medicine, Screen, Fiber, dye, Nitrogen fixer, Shade, Nurse, Wood, Companion, etc.
  13. Vocabulary: Indigenous, Exotic, Invasive, Endemic, Naturalised, Permaculture overstorey, understorey etc.
  14. Problems in a nursery and creative solutions
  15. Weeds, disease and pests
  16. Water
  17. Types of irrigation and benefits
  18. Lay-out
  19. The season’s jobs
  20. Nursery business sense
  21. Costing of end product,
  22. Marketing

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