Herbs and more

“Well Grown”, a small up-and coming market garden,  is home to our Farmer John range of farm, herbs and herbal products and nursery. We specialize in growing a wide variety of different herbs on the farm as well as veg, fruit, berries and nuts.

Herbs and herbal products include:
(contact us on info@farmerjohn.co.za for more details and prices – our online shop is in progress)

  • Dried and fresh culinary herbs, Oils, vinegars and rubs
  • Body products such as herbal creams and lotions, soaps and bathing products and beauty products
  • Herbal teas
  • Medical herbs – tinctures, tonics, salves and medicinal infusions
  • Smoking herbs – stop smoking mix, expectorant, mellow me and strong relaxent
  • Plants – seedlings, combo boxes or mini herb gardens, etc.
  • Garden products – natural insecticides, EM (Effective Micro Organisms) and organic fertilizers
  • Animal products for horses and livestock, pets and poultry
  • Herbal home products


In our nursery we propagate plants for use on the farm and for sale.

Contact details – cell number 074 950 7699 or info@farmerjohn.co.za