Herbs in pots

Herbs in containers or pots mean the availability of fresh herbs whenever you need them.  If you plan to start a culinary herb garden, essential herbs in your collection would include dill, rosemary, oregano, basil and sage. These herbs are easy to grow in herb garden containers. You can add them to a variety of dishes. In terms of care, they require less maintenance.The Right Herb Garden Containers to UseWhat sort of Herb Garden Containers do you want to use? Larger pots are ideal if you intend to place them in your porch or sun room. Whereas if you have limited space and will locate the containers in a window sill for instance, you’ll need smaller, more compact pots. Herb Garden Containers should be food-safe. Plastic containers are a good choice, and so are terra cotta pots. Typically, several small plants are also grown in one long rectangular pot. However, herbs such as rosemary and sage grow large, and therefore need to be planted in their own pots.